Pablo is best cat! He's also a tuxedo cat, was adopted December 18, 2014, and loves cheese sauce! He inspired his own song, "Gimme Food Right Now" the night he was adopted, waking up his owner at 1 AM because he was hungry. He is also very self-absorbed, making an entire song revolved around him being the best cat. While he started off as just being a cameo and convenient plot device to help Accel, he eventually because a songwriter and maybe a robot master! He apparently is an unlockable character in the GBA World Race video game, driving for the Dune Catz! Then, he decided to play Pokemon.. and the footage got corrupted. He SWEPT the Elite Four, though. In one universe, after the Ultimate Race, Accel escapes the Silencerz and lives a normal life, forgetting about everything he went through. After Pablo disappears, he goes on a hunt to find the best cat. When he is technically unsuccessful, he continues searching for another 20 years until a lead is discovered in the form of eight robots built by some scientists that weren't named Dr. Light or Dr. Wily, surprisingly. With that aside, Pablo is an avid fan of Acceleracers and Accel's work in general, analyzing weird or just stupid Acceleracers theories, and creating a comic of his own to rival Accel's upcoming comic. Despite this, he has created a spreadsheet to help viewers keep track of which characters appear in Accel's comic.


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